Bobby & Jennifer Cox

Our dear friends the Coxes have been with us since we started the vineyard.

Our Team

We will be bringing out more stories about all of our team members!

Crush press machines

Well, the test results came back from the grapes that were sampled last Friday. No need to test again till this Friday. Now we can turn our interest to our new sorting and press machinery that we are putting in at our barn. 14.08.04_VineyardEquipment_005-web   Concrete work was delayed by the rains that we had a while back. But moving quickly now.

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First day of grape testing for the fall

Yesterday, we started the first day of testing all grapes, of all varieties, in all plots, in all of our vineyards. The time is finally here.


At this time of year, some Texas vineyards in other parts of the state are already harvesting or even finished harvesting. For our longer season on the High Plains, we are just now doing laboratory and brix testing on every block. Even though many of the winemakers that we sell grapes to have already been to the vineyards to see the grapes progress, these test results will help them to determine when the grape is just right in ripeness for the purpose they are wanting to achieve for their planned wine.

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