Bobby & Jennifer Cox

Our dear friends the Coxes have been with us since we started the vineyard.

Our Team

We will be bringing out more stories about all of our team members!

Harvest this morning and a HUGE Trebbiano cluster


Well, we have been up since before 4:00 am this morning. “Some” people at our vineyard are actually out at the vineyard harvesting. “Some” people are sitting in front of their computers. This is just a fun post, but later this morning I thought I would try to get some harvest shots to share with you. 

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Winemakers’ dinner at the 2009 Conference

We went to the Drink Local Wine 2009 Conference at the Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts in Dallas, Texas last weekend. It was informative as well as really fun!

Dave McIntyre, wine writer for the Washington Post, and Jeff Siegel, writer for the Wine Curmudgeon blog and other publications, co-founded  in order to encourage people to explore the wines that are grown and made in their local area or the area that they are visiting. Well, you can just go to their web site and read all about why they started it.

On Friday night we made it to the winemakers’ dinner that was served by the chefs at the Cordon Blue Institute of Culinary Arts. It was a surprise that we even made it there in time since we were harvesting grapes at 4:30 am that morning and then had to drive all the way to Dallas. But it was well worth all the work to get there. The meal was exquisite right down to the last detail.


And I mean – to the last detail. The evening began with a blind wine tasting accompanied by hors d’oeuvres. I did say “right down to the last detail,” didn’t I? The food was delicious – as well as beautiful.

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